Welcome to Good to Know,
Your very own comprehensive
fursuit tutorial series!

Everything you need to know for making your very own fursuit! Made with 100% blood, sweat, and te… ewww no, just like with fur and foam, maybe hot glue, you know the regular stuff. >.>

All episodes are LIVE so go ahead,
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Episode 1: Make That Tail

Learn how to make a whole fursuit!
But first, let’s start with a basic tail.
In this very first episode we show you the basics of sewing and how to use fur fabric plus many more tips and tricks along the way.
You’ll be a pro in no time my dudes!

Episode 2: Put Your Hands Together

Putting paws together has never been easier!
In this step by step episode we break it down so even first timers should get it mostly right. You’ll be clapping your fuzzy mittens in no time.
“Or smothering loved ones…
trust me they love it!”

Episode 3: Feetpaws Part One

Make half your feetpaws!
Because who needs full ones anyway?
Part one will show you how to make the base,
install magnets/magnet holders,
foam up the toes and pattern everything up.
Step one on becoming a stompy monster!

Episode 4: Feetpaws Part Done

Now make the other half!
Because you do want fully made feet after all…
Part two teaches you the rest in furring,
sewing claws/pads, making swap-a-ble soles
and all those finishing touches.
You have now become a stompy monster!

Episode 5: The DTD & Digi Dance

Let’s make an idiot! I mean… duct tape dummy!
This is a must for creating a great looking bodysuit, then learn how to make a pair
of slim fitting digigrade legs, Mmmhimm! =D
Bonus: Make a chest pad too!

Episode 6: Body Parts

Learn how to efficiently pattern a padded fursuit for a stunning and grand outcome!
Then jump scissors first into cutting patterns and fur out. Your body pieces are now all over the show…
Lets start sorting and sewing them up!

Episode 7: Body Part

Bit by bit he’s coming together!
Sewing the parts up in the right order
can be a bit of a puzzeling affair
but boy ‘O’ boy is the outcome worth it!
Then install the zippers, neck and
last touch ups for a stunning body! O baby

Episode 8: In The Beginning

Get a head in life!
Starting with a 3D printed headbase.
Then sore through with kitting out, foaming, taping, pattern making and all the other basics for starting a fantastic looking fursuit head that’s sure to bring all the doggies to the yard!

Episode 9: In The Middle

“OOOooo we’re half way there!”
Let’s give him a bit more life by fleshing
out his face, ears, nose and maybe even give
him a poseable magnetic bleep tongue!
We’re mid-way to cute-ness now =D

Episode 10: He’s ALIVE!

Holly McCrab sticks!
We’re ready to finish him off with just the
teeth, eyes, hairdo and neck to go!
“Plus maybe a few fun features”
Seeing all the fursuit pieces come together is really somthing, O yeah =D
Learning how to make a whole fursuit, UNLOCKED!