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Power up your fursuit making game with


Ten detailed episodes show you exactly how to make your very own fursuit from start to finish.
Brought to you by Sparky of SparkyCanDo
with 10+ years of fursuit making experience.
I'm super pumped to share with you all my knowledge bundled up into a high quality, fun filled and easy to follow tutorial series.
Made especially to get you excited about fursuit making! =D

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No matter your skill level, GoodToKnow will pay for itself in no time.
Have picked up so many amazing tips and tricks with lots of laughs for good measure.
Invaluable to anyone wanting to get started in fursuit making or just improve their craft.

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As someone who has always been WAY too terrified to make a fursuit,
the Good to Know series has finally given me that confidence to begin!
It manages to go over every single aspect without being crazy overwhelming either.
Easily one of the best fursuit making tutorilas out there!

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The GoodToKnow series has been an incredible experience.
I highly recommend it to all makers, new and experienced.
Sparkybites has crafted each episode to be extremely entertaining as well as informative.
11/10 -WildDogWorks

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